Job Offer - Grower At Deroose Plants - Florida (Apopka)

2018 April – Shipping Supervisor

Deroose Plants - Belgium

Deroose Plants - Florida (Apopka)

About the Job
Company Profile:
Deroose Plants is a well-known supplier of young plants across the world. We have divisions in Europe (Belgium & the Netherlands), China (Shanghai) and the USA (Apopka, FL).

Our company is best known for its Bromeliad production from tissue culture and is a prominent supplier of other varieties as well.

Deroose Plants was founded in the early eighties, and has since earned numerous awards for its unique and exclusive collections, as well as for its innovation. In Apopka we not only supply young plants, but full grown ornamental plants as well.

Our expanded product line includes bromeliads and other young plants along with other ornamental potted plants such as alocasia, aloe, zamioculcas, ficus and nepenthes.
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General Description:  
The officer will be responsible for the efficient shipping, receiving and quality control of all plants that flow through the Greenhouse. Responsibility also includes: (i) implementation of risk controls to protect Greenhouse and shipment contents against loss during storage; (ii) Supervising the preparation and review of all Greenhouse documentations and reports; (iii) Supervising shipping and assembly departments, ensuring that personnel conduct the activities of shipping, receiving, storage, and distribution of plants and other products in an efficient manner consistent with the company’s standards, policies and procedures.

Essential Job Functions:
  • Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
  • Monitoring the quality of all plant products that leave the facility to ensure they conform with and meet customers’ specifications as advised by the sales representative. This includes packaging and loading of the plants.
  • Checking that all shipments are accurate and complete.
  • Advising sales representative if product is not available/short or quality is not acceptable.
  • Ensuring a high standard of quality of service for all customers /drivers as they pick up their product to maintain a high level of satisfaction. Attend to walk-in customers.
  • Supervising and reviewing the preparation of all necessary shipping documents.
  • Maintaining all certifications and working with our local inspector to ensure we are always in compliance with all states’ or a country’s regulations.
  • Ensuring we obtain, on a timely basis, all import and export permits
  • Supervising the receiving and checking of all products that are delivered and advising the relevant department.
  • The general cleaning and other housekeeping activities of the Shipping area
  • Making sure all employees are trained on safety issues and follow the company’s guidelines.
  • Ensuring all prepared paperwork are sent to the inventory and accounts receivable/payable employees for update of inventory record and to facilitate billing/payment.
  • Management and direction of the Assembly teams and their Leads.
  • Other duties as assigned by management


  • Ability to work in a warm and humid environment
  • Quality Control Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Able to lift 30 lbs
  • Computer proficiency including Microsoft Office (no exceptions)
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership Skills Shipping / Receiving Logistic skills a must
  • Knowledge and ability to prepare all required shipping documentations – a must
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Supervisory and planning skills – a must

Desered traits: 

At least three years of experience with shipping live or perishable goods

Greenhouse shipping experience

International Shipping Experience

Familiarity with California Shipping Certifications

DFWP – Pre-Employment Drug Screen Applies


The company offers the following benefits to all its full time employees:
  • Eligibility for enrollment after 60 days of continuous employment in a company subsidized Health Plan;
  • Optional spouse/family coverage paid by the employee;
  • Optional dental and vision Plan (100%) paid by employee by payroll deduction;
  • Employee life insurance and AD&D paid by the company;
  • Eligibility for enrollment in the Company’s 401K Plan after the first year of employment;
  • Two weeks paid vacation – accrual begins on first day of employment;
  • Six Paid holidays

For more information about the job offer please contact or
call Tel: +1 40 7889 5228